Happy Hens & Healthy Eggs

At Kinross Farm, our hens and people come first. We believe our hens should have access to all they need. As a result, we proudly produce high-quality, premium eggs for our liquid egg range.

Our free range farms have been uniquely designed to optimise our hens’ lifestyle while also creating a sustainable environment for the future.

We have 800,000 free range hens, who produce approximately 5 million eggs per week. This means we are able to guarantee supply and meet the demands of high turnaround requests for our liquid eggs.

Our Hens are High Achievers

All our equipment, hen houses, hen ranges and work practices are independently verified via Eggs Standards of Australia and our farms meet and are accredited to Level 3, the highest standard. This ensures the best conditions are provided to our hens.

Our sheds are routinely inspected by poultry veterinarians. We use National Association of Testing Authorities accredited Symbio labs to test eggs for bacteria, including Salmonella, SPC, E.Coli and coliforms. Our ATP monitoring is conducted in house.

We know that happy, healthy hens make excellent eggs.